Windows grep Tool for Searching Though a Files in Various Formats

File Formats Supported by PowerGREP

Like most grep tools, PowerGREP is primarily designed to work with plain text files. Unlike many grep tools, PowerGREP can convert many popular file formats into plain text for searching. The original software is not needed for any of these formats. You can search through Microsoft Word documents, for example, even if you don’t have Word or Office installed.

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“The first thing I tried [after upgrading to PowerGREP 5] was a find-and-replace within an MS Word document. It worked perfectly in a Hebrew right-to-left document! For me this is the most dramatic, long-awaited achievement, allowing, at last, a decent find-and-replace feature to replace [MS Word’s] nonsensical “wild card” built-in feature. Many thanks, again, for a fantastic, must-have product!”
— Motti Teicher
  9 September 2016, Israel
“If the only thing I ever did with PowerGREP was grep help PDFs and CHMs, I’d find my PowerGREP license worth the cost. I’ll put a folder full of hardlinks to every local resource I have and GREP it for answers—wonderful tool. PowerGREP makes me feel like I can do an SQL query on my personal, unorganized data, wherever it is, and actually find what I need.”
— Clay Cundick
  31 December 2016, Utah, USA

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