PowerGREP Contact Information

Buying PowerGREP

Please see our ordering pages for a detailed explanation of the various options you have to acquire one or more licenses to PowerGREP. All information about pricing, online (Internet) and offline (paperwork) ordering methods can be found there.

If you have a question that is not answered on the order page, you can email your question to sales@powergrep.com.

Technical Support

Before requesting technical support, please check the version history to see if you are using the latest version of PowerGREP. We take pride in quickly fixing bugs and resolving problems in free minor updates. If you encounter a problem with PowerGREP, it is quite possible that we have already released a new version that no longer has this problem.

PowerGREP has a built-in Forum feature that allows you to easily communicate with other PowerGREP users. If you’re having a technical problem with PowerGREP, you’re likely not the only one. The problem may have already been discussed on the forums. So search there first and you may get an immediate answer. If you don’t see your issue discussed, feel free to start a new conversation in the forum. Other PowerGREP users will soon chime in, probably even before a Just Great Software technical support person sees it.

However, if you have purchased PowerGREP, you are entitled to free technical support via email. The technical support only covers the installation and use of PowerGREP itself. In particular, technical support does not cover learning and using regular expressions. The online forum does have a group devoted to learning regular expressions though.

To request technical support, please use the Support and Feedback command in the Help menu. This command will show some basic information about your computer and your copy of PowerGREP. Please copy and paste this information into your email, as it will help us to respond more quickly to your inquiry. If the problem is that you are unable to run PowerGREP, and thus cannot access the Support and Feedback command, you can email support@powergrep.com. You can expect to receive a reply by the next business day. For a quicker turnaround, try the forums.

Feature Requests and Other Feedback

If you have any comments about PowerGREP, good or bad, suggestions for improvements, please do not hesitate to send them to our technical support department. Or better yet: post them to the forum so other PowerGREP users can add their vote. While we cannot implement each and every user wish, we do take all feedback into account when developing new versions of our software. Customer feedback is an essential part of Just Great Software.

Only US$ 159
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and 11
100% satisfied or money back
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“PowerGREP is among the most useful (and well thought-out, and with this amazing level of support...) tools I’ve seen in my over 40-year-long relationship with IT.”
— Jesús Peraita
  19 September 2016, Spain
“I am a Windows power user. I easily have more than 70 programs that I install any time I get a new PC. There probably isn’t a single application that I don’t send in feature requests and bug reports in for.

“I have been often been told that my suggestions would be incorporated in some upcoming release but this is the first time I have ever received a notification upon a release that my feedback was incorporated.

“I am impressed with both the functionality of the applications you create and with your responsiveness to suggestions. I always look forward to new releases.”
— Mark Kaprielian
  11 February 2010, Massachusetts, USA
“I must say it has been a positive experience doing business with your company. A lot of companies out there could learn a lot regarding customer care and satisfaction by following in your footsteps.”
— Daniel Arsenault
  28 April 2005, Canada

Offline Contact

While email is by far our preferred communications method, you are most welcome to get in touch via more traditional ways. This is our mailing address, which is the address our business is officially registered at:

Just Great Software Co. Ltd.
165/3 moo 2
Rawai Phuket 83130

Just Great Software company registration codes and numbers:

  • Thai Tax ID: 0-1255-50002-84-1
  • D-U-N-S Number: 672043828
  • NATO CAGE code: SJE42
  • SAM registered (entity ID NMQ1CTAABRZ3)

E-Commerce Provider Contact

When you purchase PowerGREP, our e-commerce provider FastSpring is the merchant of record. FastSpring receives your payment and issues your invoice. In most cases, if you have questions about or problems with a purchase, it’s best to contact us (Just Great Software). But you can contact FastSpring through their web form if you have a question for them.

Bright Market, LLC (dba FastSpring)
801 Garden St, Suite 201
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

FastSpring company registration codes and numbers:

  • U.S. EIN: 51-0546893
  • E.U. VAT: EU372017645
  • D-U-N-S Number: 849108811
  • NATO CAGE code: 6ZER9