Portable and Secure GREP Tool for Audits and Forensic Analysis

Collect The Data You Need

PowerGREP provides you with the tools and options you need for detailed and successful audits and forensic analysis. Use PowerGREP’s extensive search options, including the ability to use multiple regular expressions in one search, to get the exact data that you want. Collect the search matches into files, ordering and counting them, or save the results in an XML-based format for further processing with other tools. PowerGREP not only searches plain text files as most search tools do, but also handles binary files, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PDF, and ZIP archives. No file will escape you.

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Eliminate Sensitive Files

By default, PowerGREP tries to prevent data loss. When you run a “delete files” action, the files are moved to the Recycle Bin. When you tell PowerGREP to modify files, extensive backups allow you to undo your actions later, even after you’ve rebooted your PC.

If you want to eliminate sensitive data during a security audit, configure PowerGREP to delete files permanently, without using the Recycle Bin. Or better, run a “find files” action, and paste the list of files found by PowerGREP into a secure wiping utility.

You don’t need to turn off PowerGREP’s backup options, even though “no backups” is an option. PowerGREP’s Undo History keeps a record of all backup copies. You can delete those backup files with one click, just as easily as you can use the backups to undo your mistake. The Undo History displays the full path to each backup file. You can paste that list into a secure wipe utility if you want your backups to be really gone.

Don’t Leave a Trace on the Host PC

In the Help menu in PowerGREP, there’s a command to create a portable installation. That command clones PowerGREP and all your settings onto a USB stick or other portable device. With this USB stick, you can run PowerGREP on any PC without leaving a trace. All settings and history information are saved onto the USB stick. The host PC remains untouched, unless you tell PowerGREP to modify or delete specific files.

If the target computer is on the same network as your own PC (i.e. you can access the target PC via Windows Explorer), then PowerGREP can directly search the target PC via the network. Doing so does not change anything on the target PC, unless you tell PowerGREP to modify or delete files on it. You can use your single copy of PowerGREP to scan any PC on your network.

The Most Powerful GREP Tool for Windows

Get Your Own Copy of PowerGREP Now

There are two ways in which you can get your own copy of PowerGREP and evaluate the software risk-free.

The best option is to buy your own copy of PowerGREP for US$ 159. Your purchase is covered by Jan Goyvaerts's personal three month risk-free unconditional money-back guarantee. This allows you to try the software without any limitations and without any risk for three months.

Alternatively, you can download the free evaluation version of PowerGREP. The free evaluation version can be downloaded anonymously. It allows you to explore PowerGREP for 15 days of actual use. Full documentation is included. The documentation extensively covers both PowerGREP itself, and the regular expression syntax.

100% satisfied or money back