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PowerGREPPackage PriceUnit Price
PowerGREP single user licenseUS$ 159.00US$ 159.00
PowerGREP 5-user licenseUS$ 639.00US$ 127.80
PowerGREP 10-user licenseUS$ 1,099.00US$ 109.90
PowerGREP 20-user licenseUS$ 1,899.00US$ 94.95
PowerGREP 30-user licenseUS$ 2,399.00US$ 79.96
PowerGREP 50-user licenseUS$ 3,499.00US$ 69.98
PowerGREP 75-user licenseUS$ 4,499.00US$ 59.98
PowerGREP 100-user licenseUS$ 5,299.00US$ 52.99

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All prices include free technical support via email, and free minor updates and bug fixes. If more than one person will be using PowerGREP, read our multi-user license policy to find out how many licenses you need. Our terms are far more flexible than the typical per-CPU licensing.

“Sadly, I lusted after PowerGREP for years, but the price always put me off, so I stuck with [other products] for far too long. Only when I got a job working with gigabytes of source code did I decide to stump up for PowerGREP. Now I wish I’d bought it years ago.”
— Stephen Forsyth
  28 June 2011, Canada
“I initially thought PowerGREP was more than I needed and too expensive, and therefore bought a cheaper competing product. What a bad decision and a waste of money! After trying to make do with an inferior product, I bought PowerGREP and have never looked back.”
— Brent Nelson
  27 August 2009, Texas, USA
“Thanks a million. PowerGREP is the best product of its kind I’ve ever used. Anybody who complains about the cost isn’t billing enough for their time.”
— Eric Blanke
  30 May 2003, California, USA

PowerGREP Bundled with RegexBuddy and/or RegexMagic

PowerGREP is also available as a bundle with RegexBuddy and/or RegexMagic at a discounted price.

PowerGREP and RegexBuddy BundleUndiscounted PricePackage PriceUnit Price
PowerGREP+RegexBuddy single user licensesUS$ 198.95US$ 189.00US$ 189.00
PowerGREP+RegexBuddy 5-user licensesUS$ 798.00US$ 759.00US$ 151.80
PowerGREP+RegexBuddy 10-user licensesUS$ 1,378.00US$ 1,299.00US$ 129.90
PowerGREP+RegexBuddy 20-user licensesUS$ 2,398.00US$ 2,259.00US$ 112.95
PowerGREP+RegexBuddy 30-user licensesUS$ 3,088.00US$ 2,849.00US$ 94.96
PowerGREP+RegexBuddy 50-user licensesUS$ 4,498.00US$ 4,299.00US$ 85.98
PowerGREP+RegexBuddy 75-user licensesUS$ 5,798.00US$ 5,499.00US$ 73.32
PowerGREP+RegexBuddy 100-user licensesUS$ 6,798.00US$ 6,499.00US$ 64.99
PowerGREP and RegexMagic BundleUndiscounted PricePackage PriceUnit Price
PowerGREP+RegexMagic single user licensesUS$ 198.95US$ 189.00US$ 189.00
PowerGREP+RegexMagic 5-user licensesUS$ 798.00US$ 759.00US$ 151.80
PowerGREP+RegexMagic 10-user licensesUS$ 1,378.00US$ 1,299.00US$ 129.90
PowerGREP+RegexMagic 20-user licensesUS$ 2,398.00US$ 2,259.00US$ 112.95
PowerGREP+RegexMagic 30-user licensesUS$ 3,088.00US$ 2,849.00US$ 94.96
PowerGREP+RegexMagic 50-user licensesUS$ 4,498.00US$ 4,299.00US$ 85.98
PowerGREP+RegexMagic 75-user licensesUS$ 5,798.00US$ 5,499.00US$ 73.32
PowerGREP+RegexMagic 100-user licensesUS$ 6,798.00US$ 6,499.00US$ 64.99
PowerGREP, RegexBuddy, and RegexMagic BundleUndiscounted PricePackage PriceUnit Price
PowerGREP+RegexBuddy+RegexMagic single user licensesUS$ 238.90US$ 219.00US$ 219.00
PowerGREP+RegexBuddy+RegexMagic 5-user licensesUS$ 957.00US$ 879.00US$ 175.80
PowerGREP+RegexBuddy+RegexMagic 10-user licensesUS$ 1,657.00US$ 1,499.00US$ 149.90
PowerGREP+RegexBuddy+RegexMagic 20-user licensesUS$ 2,897.00US$ 2,619.00US$ 130.95
PowerGREP+RegexBuddy+RegexMagic 30-user licensesUS$ 3,777.00US$ 3,299.00US$ 109.96
PowerGREP+RegexBuddy+RegexMagic 50-user licensesUS$ 5,497.00US$ 5,099.00US$ 101.98
PowerGREP+RegexBuddy+RegexMagic 75-user licensesUS$ 7,097.00US$ 6,499.00US$ 86.65
PowerGREP+RegexBuddy+RegexMagic 100-user licensesUS$ 8,297.00US$ 7,699.00US$ 76.99

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