Rename, Move, Compress, and Decompress Files

With PowerGREP you can rename files or move them into different folders by searching and replacing through their file names or their full paths. You can copy files and even copy or move folders with all of their contents in the same way.

You can change file names based on file contents by using the “filter files” option to first search for something in the contents of the files and then using that in the replacement in the file name. This is particularly powerful in combination with PowerGREP’s ability to extract meta data from audio and image files.

PowerGREP supports all the popular archive and compression formats. You can compress or decompress individual files by renaming files to add or remove extensions like .gz, .bz2, or .xz. You can even replace these extensions with another extension from this list to change a file’s compression method. PowerGREP automatically notices a change in extension and transparently compresses, decompresses, or recompresses files as needed.

You can add files to archives such as .zip or .7z by searching and replacing their paths to include the name of an archive. You can extract files from archives by searching and replacing their paths to replace the name of the archive with a regular folder. If you want to rename, move, or copy the archives themselves, simply tell PowerGREP to treat archives as ordinary files for that action.

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