Secure and Safe Tool for Searching Documents and Networks

It is safe to allow your colleagues or employees to use PowerGREP to search through the files on your organization’s network. If the computers and user accounts on your network are already configured to grant or deny certain people access to certain files or servers, then PowerGREP automatically works within these restrictions. Beyond installing PowerGREP, which can be automated, network administrators do not have to spend any time to configure PowerGREP.

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Document-Level Security

PowerGREP exclusively uses the Windows file system to access files, folders, and networks shares. Therefore PowerGREP is subject to all Windows security settings. All files, folders, and shares that a user can access via Windows Explorer can be accessed via PowerGREP. All files, folders, and shares that are not accessible via Windows Explorer cannot be accessed via PowerGREP.

PowerGREP works well with files, folders, and shares that are marked as read-only. PowerGREP searches through them without any errors or warnings. Attempting to overwrite or delete read-only files results in an “access denied” message.

No Internet Connection Needed

No internet connection is needed to install or run PowerGREP. PowerGREP can be downloaded on one computer and then installed and used on another computer, regardless of whether the other computer has Internet access or not. PowerGREP does not have any features for sending files or search results via email or other Internet transfers. It can only save files and search results to drives to which the user has write access. Putting PowerGREP behind a software or hardware firewall does not impact its core functionality. It will only disable PowerGREP’s ability to check for new versions and to connect to the user support forum. New versions can still be downloaded using a web browser and support is still available via email.

Automated Install

Network administrators can easily add PowerGREP to automated deployment packages by executing the downloaded installation program with the /silent command line parameter. The uninstaller supports the same parameter.

PowerGREP’s installer only installs files in its own installation folder. It places its uninstaller there too. It does not install or update any Windows system files or other files that may be used by other applications. PowerGREP itself saves its settings under the %APPDATA% folder.

Extensive Backup and Undo Options

Even when users are trustworthy and have been given write access to your network or parts of it, they can still make mistakes. PowerGREP has extensive options for creating backups and saving an undo history, which are enabled by default. The backups and undo history persist until they are explicitly deleted, even if PowerGREP is closed or the computer is rebooted. The undo history files can be archived to keep a record of who has modified which files. Any PowerGREP user with access to the undo history file can inspect and undo the changes.

Trusted Worldwide Since 2002

PowerGREP has been actively developed and supported since 2002. It is used by corporations and government agencies around the world. Some of the better-known organizations where PowerGREP is used are Citigroup, Deloitte, ExxonMobil, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Federal Reserve Board, GE Health Care, Lockheed Martin, Siemens AG, Underwriters Laboratories, United Nations, US Army, US Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

The Most Powerful GREP Tool for Windows

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There are two ways in which you can get your own copy of PowerGREP and evaluate the software risk-free.

The best option is to buy your own copy of PowerGREP for US$ 159. Your purchase is covered by Jan Goyvaerts's personal three month risk-free unconditional money-back guarantee. This allows you to try the software without any limitations and without any risk for three months.

Alternatively, you can download the free evaluation version of PowerGREP. The free evaluation version can be downloaded anonymously. It allows you to explore PowerGREP for 15 days of actual use. Full documentation is included. The documentation extensively covers both PowerGREP itself, and the regular expression syntax.

100% satisfied or money back