PowerGREP Multi-User License Policy

Flexible Per-User Pricing

Our flexible multi-user pricing model makes sure you can afford to purchase an PowerGREP license that covers everybody in your office, department or company. You will often save money, but never pay more compared with a typical per-CPU licensing model.

Single User Licenses

The flexibility starts with the single user license, which is exactly that. If you want to install and run PowerGREP on a single computer only, a single user license is all you need, regardless of how many people use that computer. If you are the only person using PowerGREP, a single user license allows you to install PowerGREP on all computers you use. You only need a multi-user license if you want to run PowerGREP on multiple computers, used by multiple people.

People or Computers, Whichever Is Less

To determine the size of the license you need, simply count the number of computers PowerGREP will run on, and the number of people that will be using PowerGREP. The size you need is the lesser of those two numbers.

E.g. if five people in an office will be using PowerGREP, and they each have a desktop and a laptop (i.e. ten computers), a five-user license allows those five people to use PowerGREP on their ten computers. Since there are only five people, only five instances of PowerGREP could theoretically be in use at any time.

On the other hand, if nine people share an office, but the office has only four computers used by all nine people, a four-user license is sufficient. Since there are only four computers, only four instances of PowerGREP could theoretically be in use at any time.

Either way, you save money since you’re not paying for licenses that won’t be used, as you would with a typical per-CPU licensing model. Still, everybody can use PowerGREP whenever they need it and stay productive, unlike with concurrent user licensing where people have to queue up and wait when more people want to use the software than the license permits.

You can install PowerGREP onto a server. If you do, you need to count the number of people and the number of client computers that have access to PowerGREP on your server to determine the size of the license you need. The number of servers is irrelevant.

How to Buy

You can buy licenses for up to 100 users directly from us. If you’d like to buy a larger license, please contact us and mention the number of licenses you want, and your preferred payment methods.

Expand Your License

If you purchased an PowerGREP license, you can easily expand it to more users as your organization grows. The additional number of users will be priced at the per-user price of the price point that is equal to or smaller than the new total size of your license. E.g. if you already have a 40-user license, you originally paid US$ 79.96 per user at the 30-user price point. If you now expand this license to 60 users, the additional 20 users will cost US$ 69.98 per user at the 50-user price point. If you then expand that 60-user license to 130 users, the additional 70 users will be billed at the 100-user price point of US$ 52.99. Expanding your license this way is slightly more expensive than buying a 130-user license from the start, but still significantly cheaper than buying three separate 20-user, 40-user and 70-user licenses.

Please enter the total number of users you would like your expanded license to be valid for. E.g. if you have a 40-user license now, and you want to expand it by 20 users to a 60-user license, please enter 60 in the form below.

You can expand your PowerGREP license via our secure online checkout. We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, and prepaid cards. You can also pay by bank transfer. When paying with a card or another instantaneous payment method you will be able to download PowerGREP immediately after completing checkout.

Please enter the email address associated with your current PowerGREP license, and your PowerGREP user ID. If you lost your user ID, you can have it resent instantly by entering your email address on the download page. If you have your user ID, it doesn’t matter if the email address no longer works. You can enter new contact details on the order form.

Email address:
PowerGREP user ID:
Total number of users after expansion:


PowerGREPPackage PriceUnit Price
PowerGREP single user licenseUS$ 159.00US$ 159.00
PowerGREP 5-user licenseUS$ 639.00US$ 127.80
PowerGREP 10-user licenseUS$ 1,099.00US$ 109.90
PowerGREP 20-user licenseUS$ 1,899.00US$ 94.95
PowerGREP 30-user licenseUS$ 2,399.00US$ 79.96
PowerGREP 50-user licenseUS$ 3,499.00US$ 69.98
PowerGREP 75-user licenseUS$ 4,499.00US$ 59.98
PowerGREP 100-user licenseUS$ 5,299.00US$ 52.99

Prices shown on our website exclude taxes. Sales tax, VAT, or GST will be added during checkout if your country imposes such taxes on internet sales. You will have the opportunity to provide a tax ID or VAT number to remove the tax if your business is tax exempt.

You can buy an PowerGREP license for any number of users. The price will be based on the per-user price of the largest package smaller than the license size you want. E.g. a 7-user license would cost US$ 894.60 total or US$ 127.80 per user.