Tight Integration with RegexMagic

This video shows you how tightly PowerGREP integrates with RegexMagic. Use RegexMagic to generate regular expressions using RegexMagic’s high-level patterns, without dealing with the regular expression syntax. Check out RegexMagic’s web site for videos showing what RegexMagic can do for you.

More PowerGREP Videos

Searching for Email Addresses (1′23″). This video shows how you can search for information (such as somebody’s email address) that is buried somewhere in the files and folders on your computer, and find exactly what you want.

Updating Copyright Statements (1′50″). This video shows how you can quickly update a multitude files with powerful search and replace operations using regular expressions, such as updating the copyright statements on your web site, in your source code, etc.

File Selector Overview (1′40″). PowerGREP provides a lot of options to restrict the search to only those files you’re interested in.

Action Overview (16′02″). PowerGREP offers you a wealth of searching and text processing capabilities. This video provides an overview of PowerGREP’s action types and the settings they provide on the Action panel: simple search, search, collect data, list files, file name search, rename files, search-and-replace, search-and-delete, merge files, and split files.

PowerGREP and RegexBuddy Integration (1′54″). PowerGREP integrates tightly with RegexBuddy, so you can easily create regular expressions with plain English building blocks or to test and debug regular expressions in a safe sandbox.

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